Israel David Groveman


Israel David Groveman is a dynamic creative with an adventurous outlook on life whose work in the arts and music began when he started playing violin at age 4. Israel was a violin concerto competition winner as a teenager in the Washington DC area, and along with years of album and recording work as a violinist, he has performed with musicians as prestigious as Yo-Yo Ma, R. Carlos Nakai, and played festival and concert venue rock improv with bands like Third Day, Honor By August, Zelos, and many more.  Israel studied violin at the Levine School of Music in Washington DC, with Oleg Rylatko of the NSO Opera Orchestra from the Moscow Conservatory, with Professor Jody Gatwood at the Catholic University of America, and with Professor Gerald Fischbach at the University of Maryland, College Park.  Israel earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Violin Performance by performing a two hour long recital at the University of Maryland with selections from Brahms, Bach, Mozart, Shostakovich, and Saint-Saens.

Israel has taken his years of experience and minoring in composition in college on through his high-demand work for clients in Hollywood, LA, New York, and beyond.  Israel’s love for movies, stories, and filmmaking are reflected in his intensely passionate and dramatic writing.

Israel has a growing reputation as a creative resource, as he has experience in all levels and steps of filmmaking, from directing and producing to pre and post production, and has been lauded for being a resourceful, creative, and dedicated filmmaker who goes incredibly far no matter what the limitations of a project are.  His knowledge of the filmmaking process from beginning to end lends incredibly technical balance as he navigates his way through the post process with filmmakers.

His intensive college educated musical and technical background enables him to find form, synergy, and the abstract in the intersection of all things.   Israel is also related to pirates in his ancestry, which has nothing to do with this post, but Israel finds every opportunity to bring it up.  The most important thing in his repertoire is remaining humble but irrevocably relentless before the non-achievable goal of perfection, and finding new ways to grow in leaps and bounds with each creative endeavor he is privileged to encounter. Israel also wrote the music for the documentary “Melting Point,” which was nominated in 2013 for a National Emmy for Outstanding Journalism. If you have any project you’d like to involve him in, please send him an email at