Documentary Score

Melting Point – 2013 National Emmy Nomination

The documentary that I wrote the score for in December, 2012, was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Journalism in 2012! While I am not aware if the score was eligible for score nominations, and this Emmy nomination is not specifically geared for the score category, many people who watch “Melting Point” have specifically approached the filmmaker about the score and said that it really added to the film.   In addition to writing the score, I used After Effects to stabilize the helicopter tracking footage they shot in Greenland, and you can see my After Effects reel here!


Here is the official list of the 34th National Emmy Nominations: The Emmy Awards – 34th Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards Nominations

I wrote the score in a single day under a tight deadline, and you can listen to more samples from it here, or just enjoy it by watching the documentary!