Documentary Score

Melting Point – A Documentary on Greenland

In December 2012, I was hired by CCTV to score a documentary about Greenland and global warming.  Less of a leftwing diatribe on the impending doom of man and more of an intellectual investigation of the direct effects of melting ice caps on Greenland’s small population and tenuous culture, I had a very short time to generate music.

After meeting with the filmmakers, I suggested a classical sound with a blend of native elements.  It was a fascinating, fascinating subject to write for.  Doing some of my own reading, I realized Greenland’s culture is an almost indiscernible blend of Nordic and Viking history extended from European settlements, blended with the longer term and deeper rooted Native American heritage from the Eskimos.  Sounds that reflected European roots and rhythms while coupled with a native feel would be most appropriate – and it certainly fit what the filmmakers had assembled.

Due to various factors in deadlines, I spent the most time on the opening and closing statements, “GREAT NORTH,” and “LAST MAN” in the track listing, respectively.  The bulk of the writing that I delivered had to be completed in less than a day.

When the film premiered at CCTV, the filmmakers told me there was a long period of applause afterwards; they also informed me this was the first time this had ever happened in their showroom.  It was an honor to work on this project, and I truly feel I barely began to explore the depth of culture, adventure, history, and beauty that fills the Great North.